How To Safely Move Data Center Racks


Remember the days when a bunch of buddies got together to help you move? The exchange was an easy one: a day of their time and muscle power in exchange for pizza and beer, and inevitably the story of how something crashed or broke, or got away from you as it rolled down a steep driveway. It’s not that way when a data center is moved. As different as the skill sets are between your buddies and a professional mover, the skills of a moving company that excels at moving, and one that excels … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Chain Of Custody For Data Center Moves

chain of custody datacenter moves

In our last post we talked about some of the dynamics that go into orchestrating a harmonious data center migration. When it comes to protecting the backbone of your business operations during a move, there is more than just equipment at stake. There is also the data that resides on your servers and hard drives. That data is exponentially more valuable than the hardware that houses it, especially if it contains sensitive information like patients’ medical information, customers’ financial … [Read more...]

Why Data Center Moves Should Be A Well-Orchestrated Symphony

well orchestrated datacenter move

Moving equipment from one data center to another is no small undertaking. It requires careful planning and expert execution to minimize risk, to protect the backbone of your business operations, and to ensure the integrity of your equipment and the invaluable data housed there. A well-orchestrated data center move is a symphony that brings people, plans and equipment together into a seamless operation. Without the right conductor – in this case, a moving company with specialized experience … [Read more...]

Clancy Introduces PureLand – a Better E-Waste Recycling Service

e-waste recycling desktops

Clancy announced today a new e-waste recycling service is available for businesses in the NY/NJ/CT marketplace. Pattterson, NY (PRWEB) September 16, 2015 Clancy announced today a new e-waste recycling service is available for businesses in the NY/NJ/CT marketplace. This is an environmentally responsible solution to e-waste not widely available today. Clancy is developing the PureLand consortium to enable nationwide growth. And one of Clancy’s business partners, Geodis, is behind the scenes … [Read more...]

Data Center Relocation and Giant Robots

Data Center Relocation Services and Giant Robots

While performing data center relocation services, our Clancy Relocation & Logistics Data Center Technicians recently saw giant robots working in a data center.  Large Robotic Tape Libraries, like the StorageTek SL8500 are still in use today because off site tape storage is still mandatory for many government agencies.  Will the requirement ever change?  Even if governments are allowed to use other methods in the future, would it make sense?  It seems the growing capacity to store data is … [Read more...]