Clancy Relocation & Logistics Receives Highest Award for Quality

President's Quality Award 2017 PQA

The award recognizes the top service performer in United’s U.S. family of over 400 affiliated moving agencies. United Headquarters: “The management team at Clancy believes in hiring great people that care about safety and quality…” Senior Coordinator – Jen Storms “We set a very ambitious goal seven years ago with our Strive for Five program. We created a plan to achieve this recognition and we didn’t stop until we made it happen” PATTERSON, NY --- Clancy Relocation & Logistics, an agent … [Read more...]

Don’t Move These Yourself (Household)


There are some items in your home that pose particular challenges. Even if you ARE able to move these things, should you? Let’s look at them… #1 The Piano In the moving industry and for most home owners, this one is a “gimme”. Big, unwieldy and if you’re not on or going to anything other than the first floor, a little terrifying. The piano. Beyond this items sheer weight, the size and nature of a piano requires great skill and care to move and deliver safely. Risk to both yourself, … [Read more...]

Don’t Move These 6 Things Yourself


There are some items in your office that pose challenges. Even if you ARE able to move these things, should you? Let’s look at them… #1 Computer Workstations Will your IT staff be busy during the move? Dumb question? Will they have spare time to disconnect and reconnect all of the workstations? Do you remember what it was like when you had to re-program your television and cable box set up? Now imagine doing that x 10 or 50 or 100 or even 500. Our job as professional movers is to … [Read more...]

How To Safely Move Data Center Racks


Remember the days when a bunch of buddies got together to help you move? The exchange was an easy one: a day of their time and muscle power in exchange for pizza and beer, and inevitably the story of how something crashed or broke, or got away from you as it rolled down a steep driveway. It’s not that way when a data center is moved. As different as the skill sets are between your buddies and a professional mover, the skills of a moving company that excels at moving, and one that excels … [Read more...]

What does it cost to hire a professional residential mover?

professional residential mover

Planning a move and wondering where to start with a budget? There is no shortage of "moving calculators" online where you can plug in a couple of numbers and get an estimate in seconds. But are you considering the myriad factors that go into calculating a true budget, the ones that don't include mundane basics like the number of rooms, zip code and moving date? While those things can certainly impact your budget, there are probably a lot of other things that will, too, and you may not be … [Read more...]