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Desktop Disconnect Reconnect

Moving More Than Computers

Office moves nowadays can sometimes consist of little more than moving PC workstations from one location to another. Office environments are going paperless, getting smaller and moving into the future. That’s why it is all the more important to have a good solution for moving multiple PC’s in a short amount of time.

Reduce User Downtime Scenario

You are moving an office of 100 employees from one side of town to the other over the weekend.  You have installed new workstations at destination and have also invested in a new IP phone system.  You have carefully planned to ensure all users data are backed up and you have coordinated with all department heads for all personnel to leave the office by 3pm on Friday afternoon.

The challenge, is you need to disconnect, relocate and put back together every workstation ensuring the connections are all working, the network and are both active and all employees can hit the ground running on Monday morning when they return.  But you also have to move switches, firewalls and servers during the same time.

Challenge Accepted.

Here is where Clancy’s IT technicians come in.  A team will label your desktop IT, inventory devices of each user, disconnect, reconnect and neatly dress cables at the new workstation. In addition, the IT technicians can turn on and test network access for each user using a customer provided login.

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