Experience The Tradition


Experience the Tradition

Treating Our Customers Right

Clancy Moving was started in 1921. In the early years we served serving household customers in Westchester, the Bronx and surrounding areas. The company would change hands and expand services when a younger generation would arrive from Ireland.

In 1959, a bunch of 20 something-year-olds, called The Irish Ramblers, came from Ireland to play their Irish folk music across the country. The venue on their second night in the USA – Carnegie Hall. So much for practice! After two years of touring, the band’s members were ready for new adventures. One member, Gene Clancy, decided to join our moving company. In 1968, he took over the reins of the moving company. He would teach the young men working for him the right way to treat a customer.

Fast forward to 1990. Another bunch of 20 something-year-olds took over the reins of the company and started grinding away at the moving and storage business. (No Carnegie Hall) Today, those 20 something-year-olds are older, but still a strong team and have brought life, enthusiasm, and growth to Gene Clancy’s once small United Agency in the Hudson Valley Our current president, John Clancy, has a saying we all believe in: “When you service the living daylights out of the customer, good things happen.” None of us ever knew exactly where our belief would end up taking us. But we’re here today with all of the New Yorkers, New Englanders and customers all across the US who can say that what they experienced was something ‘out of this world’.

Looking straight into the eyes of our customers – The “Strive for Five” Program

In 2008, the Clancy management team created the Strive for Five Program. We weren’t satisfied with surveys coming in long after a job had been completed. The Strive for Five program put move coordinators, dispatchers and even senior level management out on the job site; much to the surprise of everyone. Being too busy was not an excuse. We needed to get close up and see the crews in action. We needed to say hello and shake hands with the customer and find out how we were doing.

We told everyone.

Feedback from the customer was shared with every mover, every salesperson, dispatch, customer service, and management. What we discovered was our people thrived on the feedback. They were going to new levels to get the customer to share something very positive. And maybe they would get some personal recognition as well.


The Clancy team is proud of the recognition our individuals receive every year. Among our team, we have been recognized by United Van Lines with Masters Club, Driver of the Month and the Heart of Quality Awards. Each individual is selected from a pool of thousands and is at the pinnacle of their profession.

Today, we are growing in our market. We have become a diversified business with multiple commercial lines of business and have amassed 375,000 square ft. of warehouse space in recent years. We are eager to adopt every new innovation and make the moving process better for our customers.

Making Good Things Happen for Our Customers

As 40 something-year-olds, we are excited by the many young members of our team who “get it”. They are smart, energetic and are already having a great impact on our company. They will be a part of our team and our tradition for the long-term. Our belief in servicing the living daylights out of the customer has driven growth, diversification and great customer satisfaction. Today it applies to not just our household customers, but also any of our commercial clients. And Gene Clancy still stops by to make sure we are treating the customer right.



Clancy Relocation & Logistics; Our Mission: To hire and promote great people that care about safety and quality. To deliver best in class value to the people and organizations we serve. To exceed our customer’s expectations and earn their referral and repeat business.

Clancy movers have provided a growing range of storage and relocation logistics services for nearly a century.  One of our early company slogans was, “Moving With Care, Everywhere” which still rings true today.   Clancy is an A+ rated BBB Accredited Business for over 30 years.

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