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Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

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Moving Boxes

Packing your items safely into the right sized moving boxes help make sure they reach your new home safely.  Please review our packing tips for moving shown below as you prepare to move to your new home or bring items into storage.

If you have any questions, please contact us or call your Clancy moving coordinator directly.

Click any of the moving box photos to see a larger image.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes - Wardrobe Box

24″ x 21″ x 47″

Wardrobe boxes are designed to allow the packing of clothes while still on hangers.  This box does not include hangers but will allow you to hang many garments using your own hangers.

Arrows on the sides of the box show the moving crew not to lay the box flat which may help prevent garments from wrinkling.  Having a wardrobe box can make the task of cleaning out your closets MUCH easier because you do not need to fold clothes to pack them.

Dishpack Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes - Dishpack Box

18″ x 18″ x 28″

Dishpack boxes feature extra-strong cardboard to secure glasses, dishes and other dinnerware while being moved.

Paper padding sheets or bubble wrap should be layered in-between dishes to prevent chipping.

Small Medium and Large Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes - Small Medium and Large

Book Box = small box 16″ x 13″ x 13″

Medium Box = 18″ x 18″ x 16″

4.5 Box = large box 24″ x 18″ x 18″

These are versatile, all purpose moving boxes suitable for packing odds-and-ends, memorabilia, small appliances and more. For extra cushioning, wrapping items with paper pad or reusable sheets is advised.

Packing Supplies

25 lbs Packing Paper

Moving Boxes - Packing Paper

25 Lbs Packing Paper

The weight of this item is 25lbs and includes dozens of sheets of clean paper padding.

These paper sheets are perfect for laying in-between dishes stacked in dish-pack boxes or for wrapping fine china (because newsprint can stain).  Packing paper sheets are recyclable.

Packing Tape

Moving Boxes - Packing Tape

Packing Tape Rolls

Packing tape for sealing your moving boxes can be purchased by the roll or 6-pack.

Bottoms of boxes should all get at least two strips across for added strength when packing heavier items.  Packing tape can also be used to hold shut paper pad wrapped around smaller items.

Bubble Wrap

Moving Boxes - Bubble Wrap Packing Supplies

100 feet = 30.48 meters

Bubble wrap is a versatile packing material that comes in a large roll of 100 feet.

Not only is bubble wrap reusable, it provides superior cushioning for delicate items.  Even safer packing tip for bubble wrap is to secure your wrapped items closed using some packing tape before placing in your moving boxes.

Popping bubble wrap is often thought of as a fun stress reliever after moving into your new home.  Or if you move a lot, your bubble wrap can be saved and re-used for years to come.


Office Moving Totes

Please note that reusable plastic totes are available for most office moves.

Extra-large Moving Boxes

Extra Large Box

Moving Boxes - Extra Large Box

24″ x 18″ x 18″

Useful for packing larger items such as bedding, decorative pillows, child’s room stuffed animals, children’s toys and much more.

Please keep in mind packing an extra large box too tightly may cause the bottom to give way. Use more than one strip of tape at the bottom to help prevent this from being an issue.

Mirror /Art / Frame Box

Moving Boxes - Mirror Carton Art Box

40″ x 60 ” adjustable.

This box is adjustable to various sizes starting at 40″x40″ which make it a great choice for placing wrapped framed artwork or large photo frames.



Ordering Moving Boxes from Clancy

To conveniently order moving boxes, just let Your Clancy Move Coordinator or Sales Representative know which types of boxes you need (or describe to them the types of items you are looking to pack yourself).  Boxes may be arranged for pick up at one of our warehouse locations or delivered to your home or business depending on your moving needs.

If you do not have a Clancy Move Coordinator or Sales Representative assigned to you, please click here to use our online contact us form.

packing assistance

Packing Assistance

Clancy provides you with the option for professional full-service packing with every move.  Please let us know at least one to two weeks before your move date if you could use a hand packing.  We’d be happy to send a packing assistance crew to your home.