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Asset Management Inventory Service


“Hi and thank you for tuning in to Clancy Relocation and Logistics’ Asset Management information video.  While our system has a wide range of capabilities, we will be focusing on the asset management tracking.

Here are just a few key benefits to an implementation of the asset management tracking system.  Clancy can perform a wall-to-wall physical inventory and can reconcile to a current asset ledger.  We can also offer a hosted asset management service for continuing asset tracking and control.

Once your assets are entered, reports can be generated that are tailored to your enterprise’s needs.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how many chairs do you have in storage?  Or how many desks do you have currently on-site?  Through 24 hour online access and customized reporting, these answers and more are a click away.

All inventories include a description and picture of each item but can be as detailed as necessary including: dimensions, manufacturer, serial number, or any other characteristics desired.

This system can also track the status of the lease of your IT hardware ranging from data centers to desktop technology. 

Bar-codes and labels can come in assorted shapes and sizes, fitting whatever labeling needs your company has.  When labeling office assets, it is key to keep bar-codes in a consistent yet inconspicuous location – to keep the assets easily identifiable while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. 

Our team handles all assets with the utmost care, regardless of the customer or item. 

For decades, Clancy Relocation and Logistics has been a trusted resource by large and small companies alike.  We are eager to show you what we can do for you and your organization.”

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There are many stresses associated with a long distance move. Using Clancy for the movement of our possessions took one huge concern away. The team did what they promised to do when they promised to do it. Our goods arrived without a problem and we were kept informed every step of the way.

Chris D.

Wingdale, NY

I only had furniture to move, but they took extra care on wrapping of each piece in blankets and then plastic wrap. The crew was very pleasant and professional.

Local move within Connecticut

Clancy Moving took the stress out of the whole move. The crew was professional and friendly.