5 Tips for Moving Furniture Through the Door

By Clancy Moving

What to do if your furniture doesn’t fit through the door!?

Moving is stressful enough, but could you imagine that your furniture doesn’t fit though the doorway of your new place?  Never assume that just because something fits through the entrance of your current home that it will be the same at your new home. It happens more often than you think. Our professional movers are trained to know how to handle a problem like this. If we are not there to assist you with your move try some of these helpful tip to help fit the piece of furniture through your doorway.

1. Take MeasurementsMany people don’t think about doing this ahead of time, but be sure to measure hallways, elevators, and stairways, especially those with rails. Proper precautions will help you avoid unwanted situation.

2. Try Different AnglesIf you know a piece should fit based on measurements that you took, then maybe you just need to try maneuvering it at a different angle.  If it is a soft couch or chair that can squeeze through, be careful not to rip the fabric.  To prevent this from happening always use protection on the door jambs or wrap the piece in fabric pads (heavy blankets) or plastic stretch wrap.  Some pieces may need to be slowly fit through on an angle.  Watch your fingers and take your time.  If you rush you could end up damages to the furniture, door jamb or walls.

3. Disassemble FurnitureTry to disassemble the piece, an armoire’s legs (for example) can stand in way of making it into your entrance or doorway. Always remember before taking something apart that you either have directions or take pictures of how to reassemble the piece.

4. Remove the Door from its FrameTry to keep a few tools in the “open first” box.  By doing that you can always remove the door from its hinge. It’s perfect for if you need just a fraction more of room.  Taking the door off its hinge will give you about an inch more of space.  Do not be afraid to do this.  Doors are rather easy to put back on especially if you have a hand.  Make sure to put all of the hardware somewhere safe like in a labeled sandwich bag.

5. HoistingBefore you run to grab a rope, bungee cords, and a few buddies to help hoist your extra-large TV up through the balcony window you should know this is definitely not a good idea!  Something like this should always be done by a professionals with the right tools.  If not, you can damage the balcony or piece. Worse yet, if it falls, it could seriously injure someone. Hoisting is usually done using a crane and an experienced operator. Trying to perform this on your own will leave you feeling remorse.

You wouldn’t want to have your furniture stuck outside in the rain because it doesn’t fit into the doorway of your new apartment.  Set up a free in home moving estimate today, our trained movers will not let that happen to you!


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