How to Move a Mattress or Pack it for Storage

By Clancy Relocation & Logistics

How to Move Your Mattress

Mattresses are often one of the last items in your home that get loaded onto the moving truck. When it comes time to move to your new place, how do you prepare it for safe shipping? Some of our customers choose to do some or all of their own packing while preparing for move day.

This article offers tips for moving and packing the following mattress types:

Preparing Your Mattress for Moving

Mattresses are perhaps the most important thing in your home to pack. After a long day of moving in, you’ll need your mattresses set up in your new home to get a good night’s sleep. Special mattresses come with their own needs, and many require effort on your part in advance of the move, so it’s best to plan ahead before you move your mattress.

How to Move a Purple® (Hyper-Elastic Polymer) Mattress

The hyper-elastic polymer materials used in making most sizes of these beds are over 100 pounds. Be sure to use more than one person when lifting them.

Safety first! If your bed is going to be wrapped up for less than a day, the easiest, most economical way to move it is to:

  • Wrap it in plastic
  • Fold it in half
  • And tie it with non-stretchy straps (Purple recommends three or four nylon ratchet straps that also make great handles for lifting and carrying)

If your Purple® Mattress is going into storage or it will be in the moving process for more than a day, you’ll want to keep it flat and protected. They recommend using a plastic mattress storage bag then placing your mattress inside a mattress box and sealing it well with packing tape.

For more information about moving a Purple mattress, please visit the manufacturer’s website:

How to Move a Sleep Number Mattress

Similarly to an air mattress, Sleep Number beds must be deflated to prevent damage and boxed properly. The Sleep Number website recommends completely disassembling the base of your bed before moving, though the frame is very sturdy.

How to Move a Tempur-Pedic (or Other Memory Foam) Mattress

Did you know that if you store memory foam mattresses on their side for long periods of time, they can crack down the side? While the mattress can be folded temporarily to pivot around stairwells in your four-story walk-up, it’s not designed to weather these conditions through a long drive to Dallas or for months of storage in a portable container. Your memory foam mattress must be shipped flat.

How to Move a Traditional Mattress and a Box Spring

Storing and moving a mattress on its side is simple enough. However, consider the size of your mattress and whether or not it comes with a box spring. These are two separate pieces that your mover will have to account for.

Your mover or packing service will have these ready. Another option is to use a mattress carton, which might provide more protection during a long-distance move.

How to Move an Air Mattress

Simply deflate your air mattress to prepare it for storage. When rolling the mattress, roll it as tightly as possible to prevent any damage. Try to pack it in its original box, as it is guaranteed to fit.

How to Move a Waterbed

To put it simply, moving a waterbed means draining and folding it. But draining a waterbed isn’t all that simple; this process can be a little less complicated with several steps. First, remove your waterbed heater, this protects your mattress while draining it.

Next, decide on how to drain the mattress. An electric pump can be quick and efficient and are often rentable. You can also drain it au natural depending on the make. Refer to the instructions that came with your mattress or your provider for details that might be specific to your mattress.

As you are draining the water, tilt the mattress to get more water out. Roll the mattress like you would a rug. Move your mattress carefully after it’s drained to prevent ripping. If you’re storing the mattress get a conditioner to prevent mold and bacteria, otherwise it should be truck-ready.

How to Move a Futon Mattress

If possible, remove the cover of your futon mattress before moving. If you can’t remove the cover, find a mattress bag that fits the mattress to protect it from stains and damage. Disassemble your frame (keep track of all the parts!) and keep the mattress flat during the moving process, this keeps interior stuffing intact the way the crafters intended.

When you are moving, regardless of your location or how far it is, consult with your movers before putting your bed in the truck.

Tips for Packing Your Mattress

Gather the Right Mattress Packing Supplies

Packing your mattresses can be a little tricky and requires a lot of time and attention. Because they are so important, you want to make sure you do this properly.

In order to pack your mattresses, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Permanent marker
  • Mattress cartons
  • Plastic bags
  • Moving pads
  • Roll of packing tape

How to Pack Mattresses Securely

As mentioned above, packing a mattress is not a simple task. What complicates it even further is that you’ll often have a mattress and a box spring, each of which has to be packed separately.

If you have more than one bed in your home, the efforts will just multiply. Even if you are just packing up one bed, though, you should always work with a partner instead of trying to pack a mattress on your own.

Follow these steps in order to safely and securely pack your mattress:

  • You’ll need to have the right-sized mattress carton assembled and ready to be packed. With the carton standing on its narrow side, opening facing you, you and your partner should lift up the mattress and carefully put it into the carton. Try not to let the mattress touch the floor as you pack it into the box. Doing so could rip or soil the mattress.
  • Once the mattress is inside the box, seal it shut with tape and label the box with the bedroom destination. Repeat this process for every mattress in your home.
  • After you pack the mattresses, you’ll still have more work do to. The bed frames have to be disassembled and packaged as well. Make sure you have the appropriate tools to remove the frame from the headboard.
  • Once taken apart, put the screws, washers, and any other pieces of hardware in a plastic bag and clearly label it. This bag can either be sealed and taped to the bed frame or put into a box with all of your other hardware bags.
  • The remaining parts of the bed (the frame and the headboard) can then be wrapped in a protective covering like moving pads or padded paper.

Though packing up your particular mattresses may take a lot of work, it is important to do it right. We hope you found our blog helpful. By using the guidelines above, you can pack your mattress the right way, the same way that our professional movers do it here at Clancy Relocation & Logistics!

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