How to Have a Successful Server Lift & Shift

Ensuring your IT assets are in good care during a server move is an important objective. Not only do your servers need to be safely un-racked, moved, and re-racked; they need to be up and running on time. Using Clancy to mitigate the inherent risks to your equipment that a server move entails is the best thing […]

Top 10 Household Moving Do’s and Don’ts

Your move has the best chance of success with some careful planning leveraging advice from other families that have moved. In the infographic and list below, here are some of the most important “do” and “don’t” moving tips to help you prepare for your household moving day. DO Give Yourself Time — Do give yourself plenty […]

How to Move a Mattress or Pack it for Storage

How to Move Your Mattress Mattresses are often one of the last items in your home that get loaded onto the moving truck. When it comes time to move to your new place, how do you prepare it for safe shipping? Some of our customers choose to do some or all of their own packing while preparing for […]

Moving a CNC Optical Machine Made Easier and Safer

How does a company go about moving a CNC Optical Machine? Optical Machinery is a common type of sensitive equipment that we industrial rigging companies are called on to move. A machine like this OptiPro is used to manufacture lenses of various types and sizes quickly and efficiently with high precision. CNC stands for Computer […]