How to Have a Successful Server Lift & Shift

By Clancy Relocation & Logistics

Ensuring your IT assets are in good care during a server move is an important objective. Not only do your servers need to be safely un-racked, moved, and re-racked; they need to be up and running on time.

Using Clancy to mitigate the inherent risks to your equipment that a server move entails is the best thing you can do to protect your valuable IT assets.  Clancy Data Center Techs are trained individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of rack elevation and wire port maps, and can safely use the tools required on the job. Our techs are trained in expertly packing and crating IT assets, and safely moving heavy equipment in virtually any situation, including locations that require a lift gate truck.

Clancy has been a trusted source for financial firms, large enterprises, technology companies, medical and educational institutions, and other industry leaders. Many projects we have worked on include time-sensitive solutions with multiple origins and destinations, all across the country. One of the reasons our customers become repeat customers is our ability to provide a complete logistics solution. Our network and fleet of trucks allow our customers to have the best techs handling their equipment, without outsourcing logistics. Customers benefit from having technical services and transportation services from one coordinated source. This established chain-of-custody is a great advantage for Data Center migrations.

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