Moving Office Technology Correctly: Your IT Checklist

Today’s offices are filled with technology. And while that makes for more enjoyable and efficient workdays, it can pose a big challenge when it comes time to move your office space.

Unlike desks and chairs, most forms of technology can’t be simply picked up and placed in a box. That’s because technology involves so much more than what you’re physically moving. Throughout a move, you constantly have to consider network availability, connectivity, and data security.

Moving Office Technology

Everyone organizing an office move has the same goals:

  • Limit employee and workday disruptions
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Follow industry best practices and standards
  • Protect valuable electronic equipment

Coordinate with your IT department.

If you’re planning a large-scale move that involves hundreds of computers, your IT department likely won’t be able to handle everything that needs to be done (especially if it has to be done in just a day or two).

When you meet, break down what needs to be done and what your team is realistically capable of handling. Some of the most common requirements are:

  • Disconnect, relocate, and install all workstations.
  • Move switches, firewalls, and servers.
  • Ensure connections are working and all stations have internet access.

Consider specialty services.

Depending on the nature of your company, you may need to move certain technology, like medical equipment and mainframes, in a specialty crate.

Reach out to a moving company that specializes in IT moves.

Offices are filled with computers, monitors, IP phones, printer stations, data centers, and so much more. And not only does all of this equipment need to be moved carefully, but it also needs to be moved quickly so that your business can get back up and running.

Because of the delicate nature of an office relocation, it’s important to contact an office moving company that has technology moving experience.

Plan your move months in advance.

As you can see, moving technology is incredibly complicated. If your IT move is going to require a considerable amount of resources, we suggest reserving dates with a moving company as far ahead of the actual move as possible.

Clancy’s experienced technicians are here to quickly and neatly disconnect and reconnect all of the devices needed at your new office space. To learn more about our desktop services, and our other technology moving services, give us a call today at (845) 302-3772.


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