The Benefits of Rigging and Transport Services

When companies need to move thousands of pounds of equipment, they call on professional riggers.

Rigging is usually required on projects with large and complex equipment, such as pharmaceutical factories, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, breweries and distilleries, warehouses, power plants, and semiconductor manufacturing.

As a division of Clancy Relocation & Logistics, Eagle Rigging & Transport has helped businesses move heavy machinery with greater efficiency, flexibility, and customer support than other companies.

Rigging Services

Basic rigging services include the straps, cables, crating, and heavy equipment necessary to prepare machinery for transport. Riggers then work closely with our transportation team to ensure all of your equipment arrives safely.

Rigging projects demand precision. Eagle Rigging provides that precision to ensure the successful future of your business.

Here at Eagle Rigging & Transport, we specialize in:

  • Clean room moving
  • Mechanical/electrical rigging
  • Medical/pharmaceutical/lab equipment moving
  • Plant/shop relocation
  • Printing press moving
  • Tool crating

Scheduling a Service with Eagle Rigging

In need of rigging and transportation services? From your first call to the moving date, our goal is to make this a simple, stress-free process.

1. Site Survey

One of our Project Managers will visit your job site and review all of your items and machinery. We’ll then talk to you about the safest way to rig and/or transport your equipment. Afterward, we’ll email you a quote.

2. Set a Date

If you agree to the quoted price, we can set a date for as soon as our team is available or based around your schedule.

3. Preparing for the Move

The day before the move, one of our Customer Service Representatives will reach out to double check that everything is ready to go and ask if any changes need to be made to the original plan.

4. The Day of the Move

When moving day comes, a Project Manager will oversee the team and ensure that everything is executed safely and efficiently.

To learn more about our rigging and machine transport services, reach out to Clancy today online or at (845) 302-3772.


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