Moving Office Technology Correctly: Your IT Checklist

Today’s offices are filled with technology. And while that makes for more enjoyable and efficient workdays, it can pose a big challenge when it comes time to move your office space. Unlike desks and chairs, most forms of technology can’t be simply picked up and placed in a box. That’s because technology involves so much more […]

7 Tips to Ensure a Problem-Free Office Move

If you’ve ever moved to a new house before, you know how stressful the process can be — getting rid of things you no longer use, packing all of your belongings, and getting the new house ready. Now imagine you have to move an entire office. Between finding a new office space, managing employees, balancing budgets, […]

The Benefits of Rigging and Transport Services

When companies need to move thousands of pounds of equipment, they call on professional riggers. Rigging is usually required on projects with large and complex equipment, such as pharmaceutical factories, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, breweries and distilleries, warehouses, power plants, and semiconductor manufacturing. As a division of Clancy Relocation & Logistics, Eagle Rigging & Transport has helped businesses […]

United Van Lines Recognizes Clancy Relocation & Logistics For 2021 Customer Excellence Award

Clancy Relocation & Logistics, Headquartered in Patterson, NY, received United Van Lines Customer Excellence award at the company’s recent virtual conference held in early March. This award is presented in several shipment categories, based on the agent’s total household goods volume during the past year. It recognizes the very best in quality performance. This award is […]