How-To: Moving an Office to Minimize Employee Downtime

As a business owner, you may be dreading your upcoming office relocation. From disorganization to downtime, it may seem like a relocation will throw a complete wrench in your productivity — but it doesn’t have to. With an experienced team like Clancy Relocation & Logistics by your side, your office move can be an efficient and smooth […]

When Is the Best Time to Move an Office? | Benefits of a Weekend Move

Why You Should Move Your Business on The Weekend When planning an office move, choosing your actual moving day is very important. While it may seem more convenient to complete the move during office hours, this can throw a wrench in productivity and increase your employee’s downtime. Moving an office on the weekend is a great […]

What’s Involved with Office Space Decommission?

Decommissioning An Office Office decommissioning is more involved than a pick-up-and-go situation. Vacating a professional space requires much more planning than most office managers expect. You need time to handle a decommission the same way you would need time to handle a move. You need to be sure to protect your company’s sensitive data, whether […]

How to Organize Your Office Before and After a Move

Whether you’re helping a company move its entire operation to a new location or simply make an internal shift, organization is essential. The process involves a lot of moving parts, departments with different needs, and working with sensitive technical equipment. With so much planning and execution to keep track of, there is no doubt that […]

Medical Lab Rigging You Can Trust

Relocation For Your Sensitive Property As you begin to prepare for the upcoming upgrade or renovation of your hospital, research laboratory, or pharmaceutical lab, it’s important to have an expert team that you can rely on to complete your project safely and efficiently. The Eagle Rigging & Transport crew is capable of expert relocation for your heavy, […]

Moving a Heavy Load? Why Rigging is the Answer

Rigging is the Answer Heavy loads need to be moved efficiently and safely. That’s where rigging comes in. Rigging is the process of attaching ropes, chains, or other devices to objects to move them. It is used in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation. We’re discussing some of the benefits of rigging and how […]

4 Things You’ll Forget When Moving Your Office

4 Essentials for Office Moves When you’re moving offices, the to-do list seems never-ending. You have to think of everything from packing up your belongings, transferring your phone and internet service, notifying everyone of your new address, etc. But even when you think you have it all covered, some things are likely to slip your […]

How to Communicate an Office Move With Employees

Communicating an Office Move Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, moving offices is a big deal. It requires time, planning, money, and forethought. Although it may be up to a few people to make the decision to move, the process involves every person employed by the company. The larger your company is, […]