How to Organize Your Office Before and After a Move

Whether you’re helping a company move its entire operation to a new location or simply make an internal shift, organization is essential. The process involves a lot of moving parts, departments with different needs, and working with sensitive technical equipment.

With so much planning and execution to keep track of, there is no doubt that bringing in a professional moving company like Clancy will make any office relocation a much smoother and more successful process.

The Importance of Organization

Think of the paperwork, furniture, extra supplies, and technology that a large office space accumulates over the years. As a business grows, so too does the need for a place to keep all of these items. All too quickly, businesses find themselves overwhelmed and with little to no additional space.

An organized space will not only help with productivity before, throughout, and after a move, but it will also result in a more cost-effective and practical use of square footage for team meetings and temporary desks for remote workers when they visit.

Finally, office organization plays a large role in minimizing downtime for a business. A dedicated logistics team from our office moving experts will work hard to limit disruption and get teams back to work as soon as possible.

How Clancy Helps You Get Organized

With nearly a century of experience, Clancy can accommodate any office relocation as well as their storage needs. Here’s how we help:


Ahead of an upcoming move, we encourage you to begin by hiring external help. A moving company with plenty of experience, like Clancy, will take the burden off of the business’s shoulders and ensure a smooth transition into a new space.

Before a move, offices should also consider doing the following:

  • Clear out spaces filled with old, outdated, or unwanted technology.
  • Remove filing cabinets and go paperless.
  • Dispose of unwanted furniture.
  • Archive old files.

Continue reading to learn more about how Clancy is equipped to help you with all of these tasks and more!


A dedicated team of Clancy experts will take on the office move from beginning to end. Together, we will work to create a moving plan and budget, identifying important dates and deadlines that must be met. We will then take a look at any IT needs, ensuring that the new office location can meet them. Then, we will inventory equipment, aid in consideration of going paperless, and put together any plans necessary for external storage.

From there, we will create a seating chart that best fits the needs of the business, provide an employee plan for moving day, and finalize a schedule.

Office Technology Relocation

IT teams have enough on their plates as it is. Our technology relocation services allow them to sit back and have our Data Technicians handle the equipment carefully, responsibly, and in a well-organized way. Our techs are able to inventory, relocate, and reassemble your PC stations to ensure they’re ready for use the following day.

Additional services we offer include:

  • Desktop disconnect/reconnect
  • Monitor arm installation
  • Sit-stand desk wire management
  • Datacenter/server room equipment relocation
  • PC peripherals, IP phones, and printer station set up
  • Responsible disposal of e-waste

If you are in need of a technological solution not listed above, please contact our team to see how we can accommodate you.

Storage Needs

There may be office inventory in need of long or short-term storage during your move. From unused furniture to extra equipment, our storage facilities are well-equipped to keep these items secure until they’re needed once again.

And if the business is ready to go paperless, or looking to clear out years worth of old paperwork, our team can store these files, or assist with environmentally responsible disposal.


Once our team has successfully moved everything to the new office space, our continued work helps get the business off to an organized start.

Clancy installers will handle the furniture installation, getting everything ready for the next work day. This includes configuring modular furniture, cabinets, shelving, cubicles, conference rooms setups, and more.

As described above, our data technicians will be working efficiently to install IT-related equipment and PCs, while performing quality control. Our techs will get workstations ready for employees, ensuring neat cable management and no connection disruptions.

Here are a few more tasks businesses may want to consider in order to keep up with organization after Clancy has completed their relocation project.

Utilize Storage

As the business grows and changes, try to avoid cluttering up the office with unwanted items. Instead, take advantage of our storage solutions and asset inventory management to maximize your usable office space and increase productivity.

Encourage Your Employees

Employees play a large role in maintaining office organization. Encourage them to keep workspaces tidy and to continue going paperless to avoid a build-up of paper archives.

As employees begin returning to the office for work, consider creating name placards for desks to help everyone know who is who and to keep desks orderly and neat.

Call on Clancy

If in need of additional office relocation or facility management services, feel free to give our team a call once again! We are always pleased to return and help businesses take care of their particular needs in order to have a well-functioning and productive office.

Ready to begin planning your office move with the help of Clancy? Give us a call at (845) 302-3772, or contact us online. We can’t wait to serve you!


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