How-To: Moving an Office to Minimize Employee Downtime

As a business owner, you may be dreading your upcoming office relocation. From disorganization to downtime, it may seem like a relocation will throw a complete wrench in your productivity — but it doesn’t have to.

With an experienced team like Clancy Relocation & Logistics by your side, your office move can be an efficient and smooth process. Here’s how to make your move with limited downtime:

Hire the Right Relocation Company

Finding the best team for your office relocation comes with a vetting process. Be sure to ask any and all questions you may have, including specifics about your move, the types of projects they have completed in the past, and if their fleet and crew are capable of handling the size and specifications of your relocation.

Create a Plan

Once you’ve hired the right team for the job, it’s time to formulate a relocation plan. Your dedicated project manager at Clancy will meet with you to discuss all the details of your relocation from employee communication to organization to a timeline for the day of.

During this phase of the process, our team will discuss the services we offer and how they will help create a seamless transition into your new space. These services include:

With years of experience helping offices of all industries and sizes complete their relocations, the Clancy team is well-equipped to take on your project and get your employees back to work the next day!

Communicate With Your Employees

Employee communication is crucial when trying to minimize downtime during a move. Keeping an open and honest line of communication will help employees prepare ahead of time and make for a smoother relocation.

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Get Organized

Going into an office relocation with an unorganized and cluttered workspace is a recipe for delays. Our decommissioning services help archive old paperwork, dispose of unwanted furniture, and responsible disposal of outdated or unused technology equipment.

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Office Relocation Services You Can Rely On

Ultimately, the help of an expert team is what will allow you to keep productivity alive throughout your office relocation. Your Clancy project manager will maintain close, continuous communication while creating your detailed timeline and throughout the entire process.

If you’re preparing for an office relocation in the near future, it’s time to begin planning! Give our team a call at (845) 302-3772 to begin today.


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