Case Study: Data Center Migration


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Our client’s project involved a datacenter move from New York to Houston Texas with additional deliveries to Connecticut locations including storage, and e-waste sent to recycling.

  • Move fully populated mainframe racks out of the space and crate for transport.
  • Move sensitive storage drives and their associated chassis.
  • Move to 4 destinations simultaneously.
    • To CT – Deliver and install hardware same day in a production environment.
    • To Houston, TX – Expedited delivery and install within 48 hours in production environment.
    • To Storage – Asset inventory tracking into Clancy’s multi-client warehouse.
    • To e-Waste – To certified e-waste provider to securely recycle decommissioned assets.
  • Plan the move in order to execute the removal of all hardware in under 6 hours from the colocation facility in NY.



  • Custom Packing Specially designed for sensitive equipment. Shock dampening characteristics the most sensitive parts of equipment.
  • A patent-pending server cart to efficiently handle many of the components.
  • A patented server cabinet crate and protective air wall to move a fully populated cabinet.


  • High cube air ride climate controlled trailer.
  • Exclusive use trailer for the NY-TX move
  • With a two-driver team, the transit time of this roughly 1700 mile trip was done in under two days.

Technical Hands

  • Data Center technicians from Clancy were at origin to expertly unrack, inventory, and pack all of the IT equipment.
  • The Clancy team re-racked the equipment in the CT datacenter slightly ahead of schedule and provided out of scope services while there.
  • Through Clancy’s network of skilled partners around the U.S., we enlisted the support of a trusted partner for the Houston Installation. The small Clancy team and our Houston-based partners worked hand-in-hand to perform the installation seamlessly.
  • Because of the experience in Data Center environments, the Clancy team expertly organized the equipment, rails, power cords, and other accessories so the re-installation was easy and efficient.

Project Management

  • Engaged the customer two months before the scheduled activities.
  • Reviewed every detail with the customer in order to develop a detailed task list, and to prepare the technicians with the right tools and materials.
  • Created communication channels and checkpoints for the execution of the services.
  • The Project Manager was on site at every location during the delivery of the service.


  • The project was completed ahead of schedule.
  • $3 million worth of equipment was safely relocated.
  • Because of Clancy’s “in-house” capabilities and its partner network, the client was provided a seamless end-to-end solution.
  • Because of efficiency gains at origin, the CT and TX installations were both completed ahead of schedule.
  • e-Waste was collected and securely recycled.
  • The project was brought in under budget.

What Sets Us Apart

The Data Center Moving division of Clancy has a unique combination of technical, logistical, and transportation resources. This allows us to deliver the most complete solution to Data Center migration in the marketplace. Customers can easily solve their need for Racking, Unracking, Expert Packing, Transportation, E-Waste Handling, Deployment Solutions, and in-rack Cabling. Clancy delivers it all with experience and resources to make any project more efficient.


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