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Over 550,000 Kilowatts of Power Generated

Clancy’s solar panel installation project began in 2014 and panels were installed in 2015.   Of the current four Clancy locations; two in NY and two in CT,the Newtown Connecticut warehouse was chosen for it’s ideal size and location.

The Clancy Patterson warehouse, located in Putnam County NY, has over 65,000 sq ft and Newtown, located in the Greater Danbury CT area, has 150,000 and the daily power requirements are high despite other energy saving features.  Additional research showed Newtown ideal conditions which is why it was chosen by Clancy as its first solar powered warehouse.  As of 4/20/2016, the total generation for this installation has reached 557,214 kWh with nearly 500,000 generated in the first year.

How was this solar project an innovative installation?

It’s one thing to put solar panels on your company’s roof but another thing entirely to do it to efficiently.  This was a leading reason why Advanced Energy was the company chosen for our solar install project.  Their published case study shares how innovative this install is and how it complies with regulations better than a traditional system.  Installation was completed first-quarter of 2015 by EnterSolar and was engineered by Pure Power Engineering.

“The majority of work was completed in a three-week period, and the speed allowed installation during the winter between periods of precipitation.  Furthermore, with the panels installed in a neat square and the inverters lined up on one side, the installation is particularly visually pleasing.  Combining art, innovation, and savings, the project employs a unique method that is easily replicated on other facilities.”

Newtown CT Solar Powered Warehouse

Rooftop solar panels shown installed on Clancy’s warehouse in Newtown, CT.

To continue reading Advanced Energy’s case study regarding Clancy’s Newtown warehouse going solar, please click this link to view PDF. (link opens in new tab)

Other Green Initiatives at Clancy

Clancy Relocation & Logistics has many innovative environmental programs in place and the solar energy program is among the newest.  Some of these are:

  • US EPA SmartWay Transport Partner
  • Motion-sensing energy efficient lighting
  • Waste oil recycling
  • R2 certified e-waste Recycling

In March of 2016, Clancy was awarded by United Van Lines’ Sustainability Challenge for best in class sustainability efforts across the entire organization.


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