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Data Center Moving Services

Commercial businesses often have to dispose of valuable or sensitive items on their property, like equipment or other technology. It’s crucial that these items are handled in an appropriate and responsible manner. Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers decommissioning and recycling services for your e-waste. We offer several options to assist you.


Once IT assets reach their end of usefulness, you require a solution so the assets are securely removed from your IT production environment. Clancy’s data technicians will disconnect, deinstall, and professionally pack your e-waste. Clancy will ensure the assets are transported in good condition to the leaseholder, manufacturer, or recycler.


Technology today changes fast and we are left ‘holding the bag’ of electronics waste. This poses a challenge for any environmentally responsible company. Too often, outdated IT equipment ends up in landfills and contaminates the environment. Clancy’s process ensures the proper handling of e-waste. Clancy works with certified R2 and e-stewards recyclers to make sure our customers’ e-waste is handled responsibly.

Data Security

We understand your concerns about data security. Clancy is partnered with data eradication companies to offer HIPAA and NIST 800-88 compliant services.

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