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What Is The Process for Server Relocation?

An effective chain of custody begins with comprehensive documentation of exactly what server equipment is being moved. The items are then packaged, put into containers, and sealed so they are tamper-proof.

The containers are loaded onto the truck where the doors are closed with a padlock. A tamper-evident security seal with a serial number is placed on the door and a business representative signs off on the process, acknowledging that the equipment that houses data has been handled securely.

It is important to note that the servers or other vital equipment do not leave the sight of the movers except for the period when they are secured in the truck. Nor does the truck itself ever leave the sight of at least one of the movers.

At the destination point, the truck is unsealed in front of a customer representative who acknowledges that the serial number is accurate. At no point from origin to destination should the cargo seal be broken. If it needs to be broken because of a truck breakdown or an inspection at a DOT roadside checkpoint, the mover needs to know the procedure for how to handle this. Otherwise, it would be difficult to maintain protection from a security breach.

Professional movers will not vary from their chain of custody discipline, ensuring that your most valuable assets follow a rigorous security protocol.

Our Approach to Server Relocation Services

Working with you to develop a plan starts with asking several important questions:

  • What type of environment is the device in? Production, development, research?
  • When will the last backup be made of your data?
  • What contingency plans are in place?

Our data center moving team will look to supplement your business initiatives with the right level of trucking and tools.

Your Requirements

Our specialized fleet and personnel can help meet your requirements for secure transport, the chain of custody, insurance coverage, packing and/or crating of shipments, international transport regulations, and more.

Chains of Custody

Chain of custody is the careful process of transporting items that contain data from one point to another so that they are visibly accounted for at all times and supported with documentation to track their movement.

An effective chain of custody follows a specific and rigorous process that remains unbroken throughout the move. It can also be verified at any point during transport to ensure its integrity.

Possible Threats

Every company, however large or small, has some data that they want to protect from competitors, prying eyes, or malicious theft. And in this day and age when data security – or lack of it – makes headlines nearly every day, protecting that data has become a challenge that has business owners on guard.

Not only do outside parties and seasoned criminals pose a threat, but even a disgruntled employee may choose a data center move as an ideal time to vent their frustrations or take retribution into their own hands.

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