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Clean Room Moving

Commercial Movers Backed by A Century of Experience

Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers experienced personnel trained to work in clean room environments and perform clean room moving services. Your equipment and machinery can be moved from its clean room and transported using vibration-free cushions of air quickly and safely.

Requirements for Clean Room Moving

Does your site have special requirements for clean room moving? Your site-specific clean room moving protocol can be followed on a per location basis. Moving equipment in clean rooms is something our teams have done for over 12 years and they follow safe handling procedures. If you have a question about our ability to meet your unique needs, please contact us.

Project Management for Clean Room Installation

Your Clean Room Relocation Project Manager will be happy to assist you with all aspects of clean room moving logistics:

  • Moving of Semiconductors
  • Semiconductor process equipment
  • Semiconductor equipment moves
  • Pharmaceutical clean room movers
  • Low-vibration tolerance machinery moving
  • Air-bearings to transport sensitive equipment
  • Reticle handling
  • Laser lithography machines (steppers and scanners)
  • Storage and other clean room moving services

Clean room moving projects go well when the team has experienced leadership and resources to manage the various aspects of your relocation plan.

To learn more about our clean room and commercial moving services, reach out to Clancy today at (845) 302-3772.