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Crating Shipments for Rigging

Customized Shipping Options to Fit Your Unique Needs

Clancy Relocation & Logistics’ master craftsmen can assist your relocation project by crating shipments and making customized containers ready for shipment by land, air, and ocean transport. Crating shipments helps keep your items more secure.

Experience Handling Crating

Larger crating shipments loading and unloading are one of the many regular services our team performs for both international and local companies.

  • Containerizing
  • Airfreight preparation
  • Crate fabrication
  • Delivery of crates to job sites
  • Crate storage
  • Vapor-sealing
  • Crating for railroad transport
  • Customized crating diss-assembly
  • Heat-treated wood crating

Why Crating?

Crating is built to help transport shipments for various reasons. Whether you decide to ship via air, sea, or ground, your shipment’s crating will be custom designed to properly maximize space and withstand abuse during handling by various carriers.

Here are 3 top reasons you may find you need to rely on custom crating:

  1. To protect large items while being transported
  2. To containerize multiple items into one shipment
  3. As part of international transport regulations

The bracing provided by crating can significantly reduce accidental transport risks which is why it is the go-to way to handle larger shipments or fragile sculptures.

Choose Clancy and let the range of services provided by our divisions help coordinate your entire relocation process. Give us a call today at (845) 302-3772.