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Support for your Data-center Environment

Many IT staffs know what to do when it comes to making physical changes on a raised floor.  But moving floor tiles or other infrastructure build-outs can be time consuming and a distraction for other priorities.  The question then becomes, who is going to do it?

Datacenter Technicians

Clancy has teams of technicians working in multiple data centers every single day.  The team supports a wide range of customers in physical infrastructure support including:

datacenter cable installation

        • Rack and cabinet assembly
        • Network device installation
        • Rack installation
        • Tape Library assembly or dis-assembly
        • Cable installation including fiber and copper
        • Cable management installation
          • In rack/cabinet
          • Overhead
          • Under raised floor
        • Cable dressing
        • Port labeling
        • Temperature sensors
        • Security equipment
        • Moving raised-floor tiles
        • Collecting e-waste
        • Managing a parts crib

Your Datacenter’s On-demand Solution

The benefit to our data center customers is we provide an “on-demand” solution with technicians who can perform most any physical task with speed, proficiency and safety.  And the customer spends more time planning their strategy and serving their own customer.


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