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Each year Gifts For Kids gets bigger and bigger!   This is out 4th year helping kids celebrate Christmas.  “Thank you for doing this, it feels really really good to give”

This year through the Gifts For Kids program we were able to help 186 children!  I am so proud of everyone involved.  From our own Clancy team, we were able to provide gifts for 40 of those children.  It was our biggest year yet.  The presents were delivered this week to Dutchess County Healthy Families where they will be distributed to at-risk children.

Parr and Blanar did a fantastic job as usual loading and delivering all the gifts.


Thanks also to News Anchor Donna Ryder and the team at the Hudson Valley News Network for being there to provide us all with some great press coverage to share. Please read more about the program, watch the video, and consider joining us next year in the gift giving so even more children can celebrate Christmas!