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Clancy Moving was started in 1921. In the early years we served serving household customers in Westchester, the Bronx, and surrounding areas. The company would change hands and expand services when a younger generation would arrive from Ireland.

In 1959, a bunch of 20 something-year-olds, called The Irish Ramblers, came from Ireland to play their Irish folk music across the country. The venue on their second night in the USA – Carnegie Hall. So much for practice! After two years of touring, the band’s members were ready for new adventures. One member, Gene Clancy, decided to join our moving company. In 1968, he took over the reins of the moving company. He would teach the young men working for him the right way to treat a customer.

Fast forward to 1990. Another bunch of 20 something-year-olds took over the reins of the company and started grinding away at the moving and storage business. (No Carnegie Hall) Today, those 20 something-year-olds are older, but still a strong team and have brought life, enthusiasm, and growth to Gene Clancy’s once small United Agency in the Hudson Valley.


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