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e-waste-pickupIn partnership with Clancy Relocation & Logistics and Progressive Computing, The Business Council of Westchester will feature a special E-Waste collection truck at the Expo!

Disposing your e-waste will be easier than ever at the Expo!

“The Business Council of Westchester and the Expo Committee are proud to bring our members, Expo participants and the community the opportunity to drop off their unwanted e-waste safely and securely at no cost between the hours of 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM on March 18th. A Clancy Relocation & Logistics truck will be parked at the main entrance of the Hilton Westchester for this purpose.

More businesses have begun properly disposing of e-waste and there has been a greater awareness about what should and should not be thrown in the trash, especially when it comes to office equipment. Part of this awareness comes from the fact that companies want to ensure the appropriate elimination of the sensitive data that their computers may contain.

The Business Council’s involvement with the Westchester Green Business Challenge in recent years has acted as a catalyst in bringing this e-waste initiative to the forefront. The goal of the WGBC is to help Westchester businesses become more environmentally-friendly through their green certification program.” — BCW

Accepted E-Waste Products:

  • Tablets
  • PDA / Laptops / Smart Phones
  • RF Scanners
  • GPS
  • Desktop and peripherals Printers
  • Cable Box
  • Monitors
  • LCD Displays / TVs/ Projectors
  • Point of Sales devices
  • Office Phones
  • Routers / Servers / Switches

NOT Accepted E-Waste Products:

  • Loose batteries
  • Loose Printer Ink or Toner
  • Loose light bulbs
  • Flammable substances
  • Liquids

To view a list of products that will /won’t be accepted, or to read more in Clancy Relocation & Logistic’s e-waste guide PDF, click here!