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Online Inventory Management

Our customers require us to store a wide assortment of items.  No matter the product or possession, we enable real-time inventory visibility and an advanced level of control to execute your business strategy.

  • Real Time Visibility
  • Inventory and Order Fulfillment
  • Reporting

Whether you are in e-commerce, a wholesaler, a small enterprise or a Fortune 500 facilities manager, you’ll benefit from an easy to use system that integrates with our dispatch and work order systems.  For you, the customer, it means you have one provider to manage to bring items in and out of the warehouse and to or from anywhere.

Re-gain control of your assets and manage it all with our easy-to-use online system.

Windfall is an inventory management software and an industry standard, used by eight of the top ten van lines.

With features like order tracking and digital item images, our online system sets you up for success.

Ready for On-Demand Projects

Clancy is prepared for on-demand  inventory management projects. And you can easily manage the inventory via the on-line system along side of Clancy whenever the need arises.  Windfall gives you access to your real-time inventory online. This highly accessible and easy-to-use system allows you to know where your inventory is at all times, and have peace-of-mind knowing it is in good hands.


Free Quote

There are many stresses associated with a long distance move. Using Clancy for the movement of our possessions took one huge concern away. The team did what they promised to do when they promised to do it. Our goods arrived without a problem and we were kept informed every step of the way.

Chris D.

Wingdale, NY

I only had furniture to move, but they took extra care on wrapping of each piece in blankets and then plastic wrap. The crew was very pleasant and professional.

Local move within Connecticut

Clancy Moving took the stress out of the whole move. The crew was professional and friendly.