Household Move Planning Tips


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A well planned move can help prevent a lot a stress!  Hope you find our household move planning tips helpful and share with your friends.

Packing Tips – While we offer full packing services to go with your move, here is some advice on how to do your own packing.  Many have chosen to do all or some of their own packing to help lower the cost of their move.

What NOT to Pack – Before you start packing, you need to know what items are “non-allowable” (prohibited) which means they cannot be shipped because they are a possible hazard or are perishable.  There are also some items that are generally recommended you take with you on moving day such as prescription medications.  Knowing what NOT to pack is perhaps one of the most important of all household move planning tips. 

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies – this page features photos with descriptions of some of the moving boxes and packing supplies we have available at a low cost for families moving with us.

Moving Day Checklist – On this page you will find a checklist of items you should bring with you on moving day.

Who to Notify When Moving Checklist – Don’t forget to let your newspaper carrier, post office, friends and family know when and where you are moving to.   Our moving checklist can help you make sure you move smoothly without missing a beat!

Glossary of Moving Terms – is a collection of words and phrases you may not have heard before until it is time to move. Please visit our moving terms page to learn more or ask your move coordinator if you have questions.

Moving Tips What Not to Pack When Moving


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