Who to Notify When Moving Checklist


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When you are getting ready to move, it is important to notify the companies and organizations you and your family belong to. Many people know to have mail forwarded but may forget to cancel or reschedule water delivery for example.

Please refer to the list below to help you change your address and remember to update your memberships. Or, please feel free to download a printable PDF version of this moving checklist.

download moving checklistClick the link below to download a printer friendly PDF version of this moving checklist: Who to Notify When Moving Checklist

Summary in A – Z order: Bank Accounts – Benefits – Charities – Credit Cards – Credit Cards (Store) – Delivery Services – Insurance – Investment Accounts – Loans – Mail Services – Professional Organizations (including DMV) – Professional Service Providers –Schools – Taxes – Utilities – Work

Bank Accounts

Call your bank and order new checks with your new address.  Be sure to update all accounts (including business accounts as needed) with your new address.  Many bank credit card accounts are separate from your checking and you need to call each card with your bank too.


Social Security Administration – http://www.socialsecurity.gov You should change your address with Social Security if you receive Social Security disability, retirement, or survivors benefits. If you need help, call Social Security offices toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778).

For additional state and local agency contact change of address information, please visit https://www.usa.gov/moving

Your Company or Union Pension


If you donate to charities on a regular basis first off, thank you! Secondly, be sure to let them know when you move so they may keep you in the loop on how they are doing and what you can do to continue to support them.

Credit Cards

Check your most recent bill before you move. Many credit card companies can let you update your mailing address at the same time as when you mail in your bill payment

Credit Cards (Stores)

Check your most recent bill before you move. Many store credit card companies can let you update your mailing address when you mail in your bill payment.

Delivery Services

  • Water Delivery
  • Coffee Club


  • Home / Renters Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Investment Accounts

Don’t forget to update your address with your 401k or IRA accounts. If you use online brokerage accounts, you will also need to update your address so that important notices continue to reach you. Mail forwarding lasts up to a full year but it is still a good idea to take care of important accounts before or shortly after you move.


      Check your most recent loan statement for the number to call when you are ready to move to your new home. Many offer online change of address forms.

Mail Services

U.S. Postal Service Mail Forwarding Service www.usps.com You can change your address online for a $1.00 fee (payable by credit or debit card) and a valid e-mail address. USPS also allows you to print the form and then mail or deliver it to your local post office.

Visit  https://moversguide.usps.com to change your address online (for a small verification fee) or bring to your local post office to process for free.  USPS will forward your mail to your new address for up to one year. This should give you enough time to change your address with your magazines and other accounts.

Professional Organizations

  • Fraternity / Sorority
  • Alumni Foundation – Many colleges and Universities have Alumni Foundations. Be sure to let them know how to contact you after you move regarding your member benefits and news updates.
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Stock Broker
  • Department of Motor Vehicles

In New York State you have a maximum of 10 days after you move to change your address.  New York State DMV advises, “Write the new address on your documents. Write your new address in the available space on the back of your driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card. On your registration document, carefully draw lines through the old address and write your new address. Do not change the address on your title certificate. If you write any change on your title certificate, the certificate is not valid. Your title certificate is valid with your old address.” – Source, NY DMV website. Please visit NYDMV.gov for current information on how to change your address with NY DMV when you move http://dmv.ny.gov/

Connecticut law requires its license holders when you move to notify them within 48 hours of any change of address. The Connecticut DMV website states, “Connecticut law requires all Connecticut residents with a vehicle registration, driver’s license, or non-driver identification card to notify the DMV within 48 hours of any change of address.” http://www.ct.gov/dmv

New Jersey current or new residents should update their address with the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/Licenses/ChangeAddress.htm

Voter Registration – Many states offer links or resources to change your voter registration when you change your address with the DMV for that state.  Don’t forget to change this quickly because for those eligible for Jury Duty, selection is based on your voting registration location.

Professional Services

Schools It is important to notify schools of your address change. If young children are relocating, be sure to find out what paperwork they will need before your child’s first day of school and pack that paperwork in your car/with you. Don’t forget to notify your own college or university if you are taking classes.


IRS.Gov –  www.irs.gov


    • Electric

Many NY residents use NYSEG or ConEd.

Please visit nyseg.com to turn your service off or on when you move http://www.nyseg.com/YourAccount/serviceonoff/  call NYSEG customer service at 1.800.572.1111

ConEdison customers please visit: http://www.coned.com/

Many Connecticut residents use Eversource (formerly Connecticut Light & Power), please visit https://www.eversource.com to contact Eversorce.

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Cable TV and Internet Service
  • Phone (Landline), Phone (Cellular)


  • Human Resources – If you are staying at the same company after you move, be sure to let them know your new address as soon as possible.

We hope you find our Who To Notify When Moving Checklist notes helpful as you settle into your new home!


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