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Household Portable Storage

Portable Storage

Go-Minis Portable Storage is your budget-friendly and Do-it-Yourself solution for Homeowners Remodeling, Decluttering, Local Moving, Organizations Hosting Outdoor Events, Restoration Companies doing Clear-outs and more!

Clancy Storage, LLC, is your authorized source for Go Mini’s Portable Storage Containers in:


  • Fairfield County
  • Litchfield County

New York

  • Westchester County
  • Putnam County
  • Orange County
  • Rockland County
  • Dutchess County
  • Ulster County

New Jersey

  • Bergen County

Common Portable Storage Uses

  • DIY Local Moving
  • Home-staging
  • Seasonal storage (Summer/Winter equipment storage)
  • DIY household move (without having to drive/rent a truck!)
  • Having floors refinished (and need a place to store furniture)
  • Home remodeling
  • Office remodeling
  • DIY office moving
  • Emergency restoration (after fire, flood or storm damage)

We bring the storage container to you!
Don’t worry about what roads to take driving a rental truck. Let our experienced, professional drivers transport your belongings safely locked away in your exclusive Go-Mini storage container.

Rent your Go-Mini Today!

If you are interested in learning more about Go Minis and would like a quote, please visit our dedicated portable storage container website at

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Free Quote

There are many stresses associated with a long distance move. Using Clancy for the movement of our possessions took one huge concern away. The team did what they promised to do when they promised to do it. Our goods arrived without a problem and we were kept informed every step of the way.

Chris D.

Wingdale, NY

I only had furniture to move, but they took extra care on wrapping of each piece in blankets and then plastic wrap. The crew was very pleasant and professional.

Local move within Connecticut

Clancy Moving took the stress out of the whole move. The crew was professional and friendly.