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From production to final delivery and, finally, recycling, you are given the ability to fully control and manage your asset-inventory. Rather than just move your goods, we integrate a wide variety of value-added services that work with complex business needs.

Financial Control

Once you have a system to manage your asset-inventory, you can begin to leverage your data to depreciate, replace, optimize, repurpose and plan for the future. The efforts to implement Clancy’s system result in long-term gains which are further leveraged when coupled with our ability to offer ‘just-in-time’ solutions, special packaging and numerous other services.


When working with Clancy, you will be able to actively manage your inventory, create orders, and have 24/7 online access to real time information and status of your inventory. You can also access our work-order management system to create pick-up and delivery requests as well as view a history of your transactions.

Asset Inventory Reporting

How many chairs do we have on hand? Do we need to restock before the office restack? Choose from several easy to use reports or export them to your own Excel program.

  • Customized reporting
  • Photo inventory
  • Much more

Clancy can make available to you an easy-to-use web-based inventory management system to help answer key business storage questions.
Interactive capabilities allow you to generate reports, place retrieval orders, view pictures of assets and access real time inventory.


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