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Library Relocation & Depository Services

Count on Clancy to share your vision in shaping libraries of the future! Our client libraries – academic, public, special, and corporate – count on our extensive relocation experience to ensure the project is done right, regardless of project size, scope, or location.

At Clancy, we can provide a complete end-to-end Library Relocation Company, specializing in Special and Academic Libraries in the Northeast. We offer a state of the art, climate-controlled retrievable storage facility, housing over four million articles for some of the most prestigious clients in our region.


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What Sets Us Apart

Your Trusted Partner to Expertly Plan, Move and Store Your Most Valuable Library Collections

  • Our client libraries – academic, public, special and corporate – count on our extensive relocation experience to ensure the project is done right, regardless of project size, scope, or location
  • Customized planning and execution for each project ensures time and cost-effective solutions
  • Specially trained in library sciences and project management, our team delivers impeccable customer service to address every detail of your relocation or depository project
  • Short or long term, your collection is protected by our depository space security system, environment control technology, and full sprinkler capabilities
  • Your fragile, high value or temperature sensitive collections are transported safely in our specialized, climate  controlled ‘air-ride’ fleet
  • State of the art inventory management technology tracks your collection with impeccable accuracy
  • “Zero Time” courier services ensure timely access to requested volumes delivered to your door

Climate Control

Our temperature and humidity controlled state-of-the-art book storage facility is equipped to handle over 8 Million volumes when at capacity. All books are stored at optimal temperature and humidity levels to ensure complete preservation.


Our book storage facility in Patterson, NY is equipped with a solar powered roof, generating over 60,000 Kilowatt Hours in the summer months. Our commitment to bettering our efficiency and sustainability is good for business and good for the environment.

Worldwide Network

As a part of Unigroup and United Van Lines, Clancy has the capacity to move you anywhere in the world. Alongside the substantial fleet of vehicles in the Tri-State area is a nationwide and worldwide network of partners that Clancy utilizes to serve our customers.


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