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The Tri-State Depository – Collection Storage and Tracking

Daily retrieval requests are submitted online to our depository every day. The library archival system generates the requests for our depository staff and Clancy provides deliveries to clients as often as needed.

Any Size Collection

No matter the size of your collection, our facility, our staff and our system are all designed to handle large or small clients with short term or long term storage needs. The bar-code based database and location system enables Clancy to provide a highly responsive retrieval service and with the highest degree of accuracy.

Electronic Retrieval

Clancy’s Tri-State Depository also provides Electronic Data Delivery (EDD) With our scanner, we can provide digital end to end images of bound materials. Our scanner can produce high quality undistorted images even on a 120 degree angle to ensure your most delicate items are gently handled.


With drill-down capabilities our system enables us to help our clients make informed decisions. The reporting tools allow our users to view statistical data over multiple platforms and devices.


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