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Library Services Courier Service


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Daily Pick-ups and Deliveries

When you submit a retrieval request from your library, Clancy receives it and has the retrieval ready for delivery by the next day.

Depending on volume and distance from the Tri-State Depository, we can delivery items via an overnight courier service or a Clancy truck. In the New York City territory, Clancy also has its own daily courier service to serve multiple institutions on a daily basis.

Chain of Custody

The delivery of books back to our customers is managed carefully. Your retrievals are secured and each delivery is documented for a permanent record.

An Entire Fleet of Support

Clancy has a fleet of over 200 vehicles ranging from small courier vans to full size tractor trailers and every size in between. On a daily basis, Clancy dispatches between 200 and 300 crew to service clients. The crews, drivers and project managers have a depth of experience in handling the movement of library collections.


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