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Professional Installation

Clancy’s installation crews are equipped with the knowledge and experience required for a successful completion of any installing or shelving project. Our team’s successful experience includes handling:

  • Single and Double Faced Units
  • Static and Mobile Units
  • Cantilever Style Book Stacks

Knowledge and training are essential in meeting project deadlines and getting it right the first time. Clancy teams are well versed in the execution of installation projects. Our library teams are specialists who successfully execute projects on a daily basis.  


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There are many stresses associated with a long distance move. Using Clancy for the movement of our possessions took one huge concern away. The team did what they promised to do when they promised to do it. Our goods arrived without a problem and we were kept informed every step of the way.

Chris D.

Wingdale, NY

I only had furniture to move, but they took extra care on wrapping of each piece in blankets and then plastic wrap. The crew was very pleasant and professional.

Local move within Connecticut

Clancy Moving took the stress out of the whole move. The crew was professional and friendly.