Name: Tom Hagele
Title: Residential Sales Professional/Project Manager
Date of Hire- 7/16/17; Professional Moving and Storage Experience- 1980 to present. 3 years with Clancy

How do you define an ideal customer experience?

Providing a professional and accurate quotation and watching it all come together with the perfect move!

What do you do every day to ensure an awesome customer experience?

Using my exceptional people skills and vast knowledge of the moving industry to provide a stress-free move experience!

What do you like most about your occupation?

I genuinely enjoy helping people in any situation, but take great pride in helping folks through one of the most challenging aspects of life- Moving!

What is your proudest professional achievement to date?

My proudest professional achievement to date is successfully completing the new NYU-Langone Medical Center Project (New Hospital) with my Clancy team mates, on time and on budget.

Why should a customer choose Clancy?

After 40 years of moving and storage experiences and working with many moving companies across the country, I can honestly say that Clancy Relocation and Logistics provides the absolute best customer experience from start to finish. When I tell potential customers that they will have a “great move”, I mean it!

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