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With a history of over a century, Clancy Relocation & Logistics is recognized as a top commercial moving company and a leader among moving and storage companies. Our commitment to unmatched quality and meticulous attention to detail sets us apart. By integrating advanced technology with proven expertise, we distinguish ourselves from other international moving companies, providing exceptional service for all your moving and storage requirements.

Moving and storage companies must evolve and adapt continuously, and Clancy excels in creating custom solutions that include long-distance moving services, establishing the benchmark for industry quality and reliability. 

Our Legacy | Moving and Storage Companies Near Me

Since its establishment in 1921, Clancy Relocation & Logistics has been at the forefront of the moving and storage companies sector, providing unmatched services. Starting with modest roots, we have grown into a globally recognized leader and are celebrated for our reliable relocation services. Endorsed by residential customers, corporate clients, and even the U.S. military, our dedication to excellence and innovative practices guarantee services that surpass and excel.

Boasting a team of over 300 proficient workers and a state-of-the-art facility, we lead the way in relocation technology, raising the bar for quality and longevity. Explore the Clancy Advantage and learn about the top-tier moving and storage solutions offered by Clancy Relocation & Logistics in Newtown, CT, where exceptional craftsmanship and innovation converge to create enduring solutions. 

Why Choose Us | Local Moving Companies Near Me

As a premier relocation company, Clancy Relocation & Logistics excels by blending innovation with excellence in relocation services. Having led the field for over a hundred years, we are known for our exceptional moving and storage solutions, establishing benchmarks for dependability and assurance.

Learn why numerous clients rely on Clancy Relocation & Logistics for unparalleled relocation services in Newtown, CT, and elsewhere.

Personal Assistant 

Enjoy the advantages of a dedicated move coordinator who oversees every aspect of your relocation, from the initial steps to completion, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.


Certified Labor 

Our team comprises highly trained, polite, and expert personnel who deliver professional and trustworthy services and ensure that your move is conducted with utmost care and precision.



We apply extensive protective measures to safeguard your residence and possessions, using specialized packing materials, protective coverings, and meticulous handling techniques to guarantee the safe arrival of your items.



Experience tranquility with ClancyAssure, providing coverage for your belongings if they are lost or damaged. We offer solutions for repair or replacement to maintain the integrity of your items throughout the relocation process.

Our Comprehensive Services | Long-Distance Moving Companies Near Me

At Clancy Relocation & Logistics, we offer comprehensive services tailored to our clients’ varied requirements. Whether you need the services of local movers or seek the specialized skills of international moving companies, our offerings ensure top-notch results.

Commercial Moving | Business Moving Companies Near Me

Navigating the complexities of business relocation is made simpler with Clancy Relocation & Logistics and our adept commercial movers. With a rich history spanning almost a century, our commercial moving company is renowned for delivering superior services.

We manage every facet of your move, from packing to relocating. We accommodate your business hours to minimize interruptions and ensure the secure handling of sensitive and fragile items. For those searching for business moving companies near you, Clancy is your trusted partner for a seamless and professional move.

Workplace Solutions

As your dependable ally, Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers experienced commercial movers equipped to handle all aspects of moving, packing, storage, and more. The unique challenges of commercial relocations are met with our knowledgeable support throughout the process. Entrust your office relocation to Clancy Relocation & Logistics, a leader among international moving companies, providing comprehensive local, national, or international services.

  • Specialized Industrial Moving: Our commercial movers are experts in industrial relocations, servicing laboratories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities with decades of expertise.
  • Office Technology Relocation: Rely on Clancy, a top-tier commercial moving company, to meticulously manage the relocation of your office technology. They offer essential services like PC disconnect/reconnect and support for extensive relocations.
  • Ongoing Facility Support: If you’re looking for business moving companies near me, consider Clancy’s ongoing support for streamlining daily operations and special projects.
  • Office Decommissioning: Our commercial moving company simplifies office decommissions, providing e-waste disposal, shredding, and recycling services to reduce costs effectively.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Clancy also provides adaptable storage solutions and skilled logistics management, facilitating smooth inventory control and operations.
  • Lab Relocations: Clancy specializes in the secure and efficient transfer of laboratory equipment, protecting your valuable assets during moves.

Furniture Installation Services

Moving your business involves more than the physical relocation of items; it includes the crucial steps of packing prior to the move and unpacking and setting up afterward. Clancy Relocation & Logistics streamlines this comprehensive process to make it quicker, smoother, and more efficient.

  • Project Management: Leveraging over 90 years of combined experience, our project managers meticulously control every detail from the initial meeting to the final punch list, ensuring flawless communication and execution throughout the moving process.
  • Refinishing & Restoration: Clancy offers professional restoration services that rejuvenate worn furniture, thereby avoiding the cost of full replacements. Our master craftsmen expertly carry out this work.
  • Ergonomic Furniture Offerings: As an authorized dealer of X-Chair and other ergonomic furniture lines, Clancy provides the right furniture solutions to ensure a comfortable and healthy workplace environment.
    • Custom Protective Screens & Barriers: We specialize in designing and installing custom clamp-on, desk-mounted, or freestanding barriers. These installations help create flexible workspaces and maintain necessary social distancing protocols.
    • Woodworking and Metalsmithing Expertise: Our skilled team is proficient in woodworking and metalsmithing, customizing and fabricating products that support precise furniture installation projects with outstanding craftsmanship and precision.

Data Center Moving

Planning to relocate your data center? Our relocation company can help with expert project management and experienced technicians. Our team of over 40 raised floor technicians and a large fleet of transportation equipment ensures a smooth relocation.

We handle devices of all sizes, including mainframes over 8,000 lbs (3,628 kg). With expertise in cabling, packing, crating, and transportation, we offer a complete physical relocation solution. Specializing in data center moves, we understand the unique challenges involved.

  • Server Moving: Clancy ensures secure server transport with comprehensive documentation, tamper-proof containers, and strict chain of custody protocols from origin to destination.
  • Rack & Stack Installation: Clancy carefully handles server racks, ensuring safe racking and stacking to optimize data center floor space and protect valuable equipment.
  • Server Packing & Crating: Clancy provides custom packing and crating solutions for servers, racks, and mainframes, ensuring safe transport by air, sea, or land.
  • Remote Hands Support: Clancy’s skilled technicians manage physical IT tasks remotely, saving you time and travel and ensuring efficient data center operations.
  • IT Recycling & Decommissioning: Clancy offers secure decommissioning and recycling of e-waste, working with certified recyclers to handle IT assets responsibly and prevent environmental contamination.


Our commercial movers streamline your relocation projects with complete rigging and transportation services. We stand out in the movement of machinery, providing unmatched efficiency, adaptability, and customer service relative to our competitors. Our dedicated team of machine riggers is focused on meticulously managing every detail of the process.

  • Clean Room Movements: At Clancy Relocation & Logistics, we deploy skilled personnel for clean room relocations, utilizing vibration-damping cushions to ensure the safe transport of equipment.
  • Crating & Shipping: Our expert craftsmen construct bespoke containers for secure transport across land, air, and sea.
  • Medical and Laboratory Logistics: We are experts in carefully relocating delicate laboratory equipment used in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Industrial Relocations: Minimize downtime with the help of Clancy’s seasoned team, which is adept at managing relocations for industrial shops and plants.
  • Printing Press Operations: Rely on Clancy for the proficient relocation of large-scale commercial printing presses, adeptly maneuvered even from confined spaces.
  • Specialty Heavy Transport: Clancy delivers specialized solutions for transporting heavy, air pallet, and temperature-sensitive cargo.
    • White-Glove Services: Clancy offers comprehensive handling and management from start to finish for clean room tools, medical apparatus, mainframes, and more, ensuring meticulous care throughout the process.
    • Roller Bed Trailers: Our trailers are designed to simplify the movement of heavy items, removing the necessity for side loading on open flatbeds.
    • Temperature-Controlled Transport: We guarantee that your valuable items, such as artwork, antiques, and wine collections, are maintained within their ideal temperature ranges during transit.

Storage and Distribution Solutions

Clancy Relocation & Logistics, your dependable relocation company, expertly manages your products’ storage and timely delivery globally. We provide secure, climate-controlled storage facilities and sophisticated logistics solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.

  • Warehousing & Distribution Services: Clancy maintains secure, climate-controlled storage and delivers top-tier distribution services across the globe.
  • Custom Solutions for Turnkey Projects: Clancy works closely with clients to design and implement customized solutions that align with their project objectives and operational requirements.
  • Final Mile & Airfreight Logistics: Clancy ensures efficient first and last-mile logistics, managing timely airport pickups and deliveries while adhering to TSA guidelines to facilitate smooth cargo transportation.

Library Relocation Services

Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers specialized services for relocating libraries, tackling this task’s unique challenges. Our team of seasoned library movers is well-prepared to support your library’s transition.

  • Book Storage Capabilities: Clancy effectively manages the storage of vast book collections, ensuring expert care and organization.
  • Specialized Library Moving Services: Leveraging over a century of experience, Clancy provides tailored library moving services to address libraries’ specific needs.
  • Efficient Collection Management: Clancy utilizes a sophisticated bar-code system and Electronic Data Delivery to guarantee precise and prompt management of library collections.
  • Reliable Courier Services: Clancy ensures rapid delivery of library materials, offering next-day courier service or direct delivery via Clancy trucks, available daily in Connecticut.
  • Project Management for Libraries: Our relocation company delivers comprehensive project management and consulting services to ensure a smooth and effective library transition.
  • Shelving Solutions: Our installation teams handle all types of shelving, from single and double-faced units to static and mobile setups and cantilever book stacks.

Hospitality Management Services

For the past two decades, Clancy Relocation & Logistics has been a prominent service provider in the hospitality sector of the Tri-State area, managing everything from small boutique hotels to extensive properties with over 600 rooms. We are committed to delivering the highest professionalism and meticulous attention to every detail. Our comprehensive support covers everything from procurement to the final opening stages, ensuring timely and cost-effective completion of new builds and renovations while guests are onsite. Our skilled in-house carpenters, installers, and movers handle all tasks directly, avoiding the use of subcontractors.

  • Inventory Management: Clancy offers immediate inventory tracking and management for various items, ensuring that everything is accounted for.
  • FF&E and OS&E Setup: Under the guidance of an on-site Project Manager, Clancy’s team expertly manages the installation of all Furniture, Fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and equipment (OS&E).
  • Installation in Public Areas: Specializing in FF&E arrangements for public spaces, Clancy works closely with design teams to realize aesthetic visions, from seating arrangements to interior design’s final touches.
Unlock the smoothest moving experience with Clancy Relocation & Logistics—contact us today and see how our local movers can make your next move effortless and stress-free!

Residential Relocation | Local Moving Companies Near Me

Clancy Relocation & Logistics possesses the expertise and resources to fulfill all your home moving and storage requirements. Our seasoned residential movers offer complimentary, no-commitment in-home evaluations for your moving and storage needs, providing detailed written estimates and a range of insurance options.

Home Moving Long-Distance Movers Near Me

Whether you’re relocating within the same city, to another state, or across borders, our long-distance moving services are designed to cover all bases. Our long-distance movers near you treat your possessions with the utmost care and professionalism, with the option for same-day appointments and no-cost estimates.

  • Local Moving: Local relocations can be challenging, but as your local movers, we deliver specialized local moving services tailored for any size home, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.
  • Out-of-State Moving: Undertaking an interstate move requires careful planning and coordination. Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers dependable services for moving out-of-state, aiming to minimize stress and facilitate a smooth transition.
  • International Moving: For those moving internationally, meticulous planning is crucial. As one of the best long-distance moving companies near you and one of the international moving companies, Clancy Relocation & Logistics provides extensive international moving services to ensure a straightforward and hassle-free international move.
  • Apartment Moving: Managing an apartment move can be intricate, especially with limited space. As your local movers, we are experts in managing moves that involve tight spaces like stairways and elevators, guaranteeing a smooth and intact relocation.

Storage Services

Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers clean, secure storage options, including full-service climate-controlled storage in vaults and portable storage containers. Our facilities are perfect for safely storing your personal belongings.

  • Household Storage: Homeowners often discover they have more belongings than expected when moving. As one of the local moving companies near you, Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers long-term and short-term storage solutions to help you declutter or store items during your move.
  • Portable Storage: For those needing storage during a move, Clancy Relocation & Logistics partners with Go-Minis Portable Storage to provide budget-friendly, do-it-yourself storage solutions for various needs, from remodeling to event hosting.

Packing & Crating

Clancy Relocation & Logistics provides comprehensive packing and crating services for all your household items, including fragile and custom items.

  • Full-Service Packing: Moving is a full-time job, and life doesn’t pause for it. Clancy Relocation & Logistics offers full-service packing, handling everything from packing to transporting your belongings safely and efficiently, even for long-distance moving services.
  • Partial Packing: If you need help packing specific items or areas, Clancy Relocation & Logistics provides partial packing services. We’ll assist with unique or hard-to-pack items while you handle the rest.
  • Fine Art & Custom Crating: Protect your valuable and fragile items with Clancy Relocation & Logistics during a move. We offer fine art and custom crating services for antiques, mirrors, art collections, large instruments, and fragile decor.
  • Moving Boxes & Supplies: Preparing for a move requires a variety of supplies, especially boxes of all sizes. Our long-distance moving services offer moving boxes and supplies to ensure your items are packed safely and securely for the move.

Moving & Packing Tips

Relocating your home or business can be complex. Clancy Relocation & Logistics coordinates every aspect of your move, from packing to transport to storage, and can even assist with furniture assembly and disassembly.

Services Include:

  • Moving Day Checklist
  • What Not to Pack
Start your journey to a seamless relocation by scheduling a consultation with Clancy Relocation & Logistics, where precision meets professionalism in every move!


Discover unmatched moving and storage solutions with Clancy Relocation & Logistics in Newtown, CT!

Outstanding Relocation Services by Clancy Relocation & Logistics​

Ready to elevate your moving and storage experience? Choose Clancy Relocation & Logistics in Newtown, CT, for exceptional services that ensure unmatched protection for your possessions. Whether moving locally or securing the finest long-distance movers near you, we provide tailored solutions to meet all your requirements.

Contact our experts today to find out more and arrange your consultation. We’re dedicated to the success of your move and committed to providing you with peace of mind throughout the year.

Discover the Clancy Advantage | Long-Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Clancy Relocation & Logistics isn’t just another service provider; we’re your partner in ensuring a stress-free move. Leveraging over a hundred years of expertise, we handle every move with exceptional care and professionalism.

  • Complimentary Estimates for Moving, Storage, and Packing: Get a free quote today for all your moving, storage, and packing requirements.
  • Immediate Service Access: Utilize our same-day service option for those urgent relocation needs.
  • ProMover Certified: This depends on our certified ProMover status, which guarantees a high caliber of moving services.
  • Nearly Perfect 5-Star Google Rating: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our almost perfect five-star rating on Google.
  • Trusted 5-Star Service with United Van Lines: Count on our proven 5-star service with United Van Lines, ensuring a reliable and efficient moving experience.

Experience Effortless Moving with Clancy Relocation & Logistics in Newtown, CT!

Looking to simplify your move? Clancy Relocation & Logistics in Newtown, CT, offers unparalleled relocation services that ensure a hassle-free transition to your new home or office. Our team of moving experts is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that meet all your needs, from careful packing to precise scheduling. Trust us to make your move smooth and worry-free. Reach out today and let Clancy take the stress out of your moving experience!

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