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Office Furniture Cleaning Panels

Renew the Look of Your Office Furniture

Why do we offer office furniture cleaning? Because Self-cleaning Office Furniture has yet to be invented!  Dust, dirt, body oils, beverage spills, germs and other airborne allergens settle in fabric and can make a once attractive workspace, rather dull and dingy looking.  Our office furniture cleaning service will help you restore far beyond what a maid service can offer.

Our professional office furniture cleaning technicians use products certified to clean fabrics, wood, leather and other materials used by your office furniture manufacturer.

Clancy Furniture Cleaning Services provide the following benefits:

  • Brighten the Appearance of Your Office
  • Make Older Office Furniture Look New Again
  • Improve Office Air Quality
  • Reduce Office Allergens
  • Increase Asset Life-cycle
  • Convenient way to Save Time and Money

    Just look at how much debris can be removed from your office furniture within minutes!

Examples of the Office Furniture Cleaning Services we offer:

  • Office Cubicle Partition Cleaning
  • Fabric Wall Cleaning
  • Chair Cleaning
  • Work Surface Cleaning
  • Touch-up Paint
  • Wood Desk Cleaning and Polish
  • Wooden Conference Table Cleaning
  • Leather Manager’s Chairs Cleaning
  • Leather Reception Seating Cleaning


Office Furniture Cleaning is an easy way to save hours shopping for replacement furniture. By cleaning your office furniture, you are making a budget-friendly decision.  Plus, Office Furniture Cleaning may help prevent common health problems caused by shared workplaces such as pet or dust allergies.  Larger amounts of dust and dirt allergens are commonly released after moving offices although they may be present at all times.  Please speak with your office move coordinator if you have questions about adding Office Furniture Cleaning services to your office move quote.

Office Furniture Cleaning Services by Clancy can also provide:

  • Certified Office Furniture Maintenance Technicians
  • Hassle-free Warranty Support
  • Optional Customization and Millwork /Fabrication
  • New Installation and Planning Help
  • Decommissioning, disposal or Recycling of Office Furniture
  • Office Furniture Storage and Warehousing
  • An Assurance of Quality Backed on a Tradition of Excellence.

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