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Hospitality and Hotel Moving

Staying On Schedule: Clancy staff can be found working at busy hotels with nearly 100% occupancy rate on a year-round basis. Our experienced project managers know how to meet your goals so that you can return to having guests check-in to rooms quickly.

Professionally Done: Clancy Moving Systems’ Hospitality Moving staff maintain a neat appearance and have experience working in a hotel environment. They know how to be productive while creating minimal disruption to your guests.

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Services include:

  • On Site Project Management:A project manager is on-site to manage details, be available for questions and lead our team to overcome daily obstacles.
  • Liquidation:We remove all unwanted FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Electronics) from the hotel and can arrange for liquidation if required. We can also provide short term storage of liquidated FF&E.
  • Coordinate Receiving and Re-delivery:All items are inspected for damage and piece counts are verified before storing. We perform the initial prep work of unpacking and minor assembly and finally coordinate re-delivery to your facility.
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Electronics Installation (FF&E):We manage teams of tradesmen to handle the installation of all FF&E for the hospitality industry. Moreover, we work with the design team to ensure accurate placement of all items.
  • Online Inventory Management:We offer our customers a web-based inventory management system for attic stock and other long-term storage needs. This easy-to-use system allows you to view pictures of products online and submit retrieval orders online.
Clancy supports major installation and renovation projects for key players in the hospitality industry.

Our service philosophy and responsiveness have made us a preferred partner of renovation consultants and hotel companies.

Contact us today to arrange a walk-through and proposal.

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