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Easier Rigging Projects

Clancy’s Eagle Rigging and Transport Services can help you make your project easier.  We do it with greater efficiency, flexibility and customer support.  Our entire team commits to understanding the right way to execute a job that is precise in many aspects.

Rigging Supported by Clancy

Eagle Rigging and Transport is supported by the diversity of Clancy’s other divisions. There are many supporting roles at work to help our rigging team to be successful. There’s warehousing with climate-controlled areas for sensitive equipment. There’s a logistics team that manages ground transportation to and from anywhere in the U.S. There’s an operations center orchestrating multiple resources to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Besides Rigging, the division provides specialty transport, environmentally controlled warehousing, custom crate building and plant / shop relocation. Our Rigging and Transport services have been used by customers in many industries.

Choose Clancy and let the range of services provided by our divisions be your company’s safety harness for managing the entire relocation process.

The team has a focus on:

  • Clean Room Moving
  • Mechanical / Electrical Rigging
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical / Lab Equipment Moving
  • Plant / Shop Relocation
  • Printing Press Moving

You know when you select a rigger, you want to reduce your risk. Allow us to execute a plan for you that is designed to meet all your needs and minimizes your overall risk.

Tool Crating

Our shop has the ability to manufacture custom tool crates to fit the exact specifications of a machine. Crating allows for easier and safer handling, which ultimately reduces the risk of damage.

In the photograph above, a Clancy rigging crew works to move large office furniture panels out a window several stories up. The rigging crew wears safety harnesses and gear designed for managing the risk.


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