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Datacenter Services Rack Handling


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When handling server racks, extreme caution is used 100% of the time. The equipment being moved is valuable and sensitive. In addition, the movers moving the equipment and everyone around are valuable as well. A full server rack can weigh in excess of 5,000 pounds. It is critical to ensure every move made is the right move.

Protecting Your Asset

Clancy’s method of handling server racks ensures that there is no tipping or impact of any rack. Multiple sets of hands are on a rack at all times when it is being moved.

Clancy employs a rack transport methodology that protects the rack and people around in 3 distinct environments:

  • Operation (data center)
  • Installation (pick-up/delivery)
  • Transportation

Chain Of Custody

We employ methods to ensure every piece is accounted for from end to end.  The process and execution are critical to the integrity of the chain of custody.  Seals, GPS tracking or security escorts are a few of the ways to enhance security in the most sensitive projects.

Safety Measures

Our teams are trained to handle server racks with extreme care. We have the capabilities of moving servers to and from virtually any location safely. Teams are well versed in procedures for loading a server rack on a lift-gate and other difficult situations.

We achieve total safety by having complete control of the rack moving environment. Project managers know the exact procedures for moving racks and do not compromise the safety of our crew or your equipment. Nothing is left to chance, and this allows for a safe and efficient server move.


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