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Clancy has an array of services aimed at helping you until the very end of your project. Once a Datacenter or office space is vacated, there are still assets that need to be accounted for. Restoring a space to its original condition is often required, and many folks underestimate the effort and cost that go into this. Using Clancy allows you to have people you already know and trust handle this important final process.

E-Waste Recycling

More than just Desktop Recycling

Clancy can help you with recycling desktops, LCD monitors and televisions, smart phones and tablets, small peripherals (like mice and keyboards, digital cameras, projectors, printers (small office desktop or large office work-group multifunction laser printers) and office phones (including IP telephony and cables.

We can also recycle data center and server room technology in a secure manner.  Hard drives may be wiped to further ensure data security or you may choose data destruction with a certificate of destruction. Other server room equipment that can be recycled includes: rack cabinets, switches, routers, firewalls, media (CD’s, tapes, USB’s, etc.)

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The Challenge When IT Assets Reach End of Life

Technology today changes fast and we are left “holding the bag” of electronics waste.  This poses a challenge for the environmentally responsible companies looking to continue to make the best use of products when they reach the end of their usable life.  Too often, outdated electronics such as expired telecom equipment, servers, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more end up in landfills and contaminate our environment.

More than Recycling

The PureLand process combines an environmentally responsible logistics supplier with a solution that does more than just recycle.  Recovery of usable assets and modules drives recycling costs down.  PureLand is committed to making it economically feasible for users to get rid of old electronics.  In 2013 less than 1% of electronics collected went to a landfill.

Global Vision, Local Expertise

Envisioning the land as pure as it once was, before harmful e-waste started entering our soil and air, is a lofty goal but it’s a goal worth reaching for.

PureLand e-Cycle is the right combination of locally concerned electronic suppliers, logistics companies and our recycling partner Geodis, an R2 certified electronics recycler.  That’s why we are a PureLand partner. Because we are committed to doing disposal of business e-waste the right way to help keep the land around free of expired technology’s pollutants.

Data Security

We understand you have serious concerns about data integrity when retiring IT assets.  You need to ensure secure disposal of IT equipment in a secure process that minimizes data disposal risk.

Through PureLand, we offer HIPAA and NIST 800-88 compliant data destruction as well as custom reporting capabilities to verify receipt, confirm processing, and provide certificates of destruction.  And an end to end chain of custody process ensures the protection of data until it is finally wiped or destroyed.


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