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Data Center Services Transportation and Logistics


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Worldwide Network

Clancy has over 90 years of experience in hauling goods throughout the North Americas as well as overseas. And our network of partners is carefully selected to augment our fleet throughout.


Clancy synergizes a massive fleet with highly skilled and experienced technicians. Our techs are around some of the worlds most cutting edge and secure data centers on a daily basis, and are highly familiar with standard operating procedures, as well as procedures unique to Clancy that set us apart.


A fleet of virtually every size vehicle is available to support your data center project. Whatever size and type of transportation is needed, Clancy will have it available.

  • Small Van
  • Metro Truck
  • Straight Truck
  • Tractor Trailer
  • Flatbed

And every conceivable feature is available in our fleet.

  • Climate Control
  • Liftgate
  • Roller Floor
  • High Cube

Dedicated Point to Point Transportation

Going long distances adds excessive downtime to a project. You need a vehicle that is dedicated to your relocation and has no other stops or pickups to make. With our large fleet, we have the available transportation resources and can ensure timely arrivals and departures

Expedited Transportation

If a dedicated truck and driver for a long distance is not fast enough, Clancy offers a team driver solution. Two drivers provide round the clock transportation to minimize downtime while remaining compliant with DOT hours of service regulations.

The Clancy solution provides the right size solution no matter the scope of your project. And, most importantly, the risks associated with transportation are minimized when you have an experienced transportation company working directly for you.

Safety Measures

Our teams are trained to handle server racks with extreme care. We have the capabilities of moving servers to and from virtually any location safely. Teams are well versed in procedures for loading a server rack on a lift-gate, moving racks up and down stairs, and other difficult situations.


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