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Datacenter Supply Chain Solutions


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A flexible and visible solution for your hardware deployment strategy

  • Receiving of hardware
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Rack installation

Our team at Clancy can assemble any rack configuration to your exact specifications, and deliver it to any location with our fleet of trucks and drivers. We offer full customization of the rack assembly process. Our team even has the ability to connect directly with our customers and video conference into our secure configuration rooms.

Clancy will even work with you to install your own network so configuration can be completed at our site.  The equipment we deliver then becomes ‘plug and play’

Whether you are in need of a single rack, or are migrating a large datacenter, the team at Clancy has the expertise and capacity to manage the entire process from configuration to final placement.

Clancy Warehouses have the capacity and technology to handle even the most advanced inventory solutions. With a custom inventory management/order interface, you have full access to your inventory information and can submit order tickets to be fulfilled. Clancy has broad experience providing solutions for new equipment, spare parts distribution or reverse logistics.  


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