Server Packing and Crating


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Packaging Solutions for Your Hardware

Clancy provides server packing and crating for individual servers, server racks and mainframes. We can build crates to protect your servers whether they are being transported on one of our air-ride trucks or a common carrier.  We’ll also provide crating and packaging solutions for sea and air shipments.

Features available are:

  • Custom built wood crates
  • Floating bases
  • Vacuum sealed vapor barrier
  • Desiccant
  • Shockwatch and tip-n-tell sensors
  • Anti-static bubble wrap
  • Tri-wall corrugated containers

Expertly Crafted Crates

Clancy has experience providing high performance crating and packaging solutions for, not only sensitive electronics, but also semiconductor equipment, sensitive lab equipment and fine art.

Crating or specialized packing can be done on site or in our facility. A consultation will determine the best plan for protecting your IT equipment.

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Inspecting a Crate for International Shipment


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