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Preserving The World We Do Business In

At Clancy, we challenge ourselves to maintain our culture of doing things the right way. In order to stand out from those in it to make a quick buck, we have taken the steps to think about long-term success and sustainability.

Clancy’s Patterson, NY warehouse borders the Great Swamp. Since it’s construction, we have taken strides to have a minimal footprint on the area. In addition to using more efficient methods of powering our climate controlled warehouse, we maintain our fleet of trucks using EPA approved methods in order for them to run more efficiently through your neighborhood.

In 2014, we took a big step by going Solar. Our Newtown, CT warehouse was the perfect candidate for sun exposure. Recently, our Patterson, NY warehouse was equipped with a solar roof, and to date, our panels have generated close to 1.5 Million kWh.  The fleet of trucks we operate continues to grow.  But as an EPA SmartWay certified partner, we are implementing the use of methods to minimize our carbon footprint.  It’s a story we are proud to tell, but it is one we continue to write as we keep finding ways to preserve our environment.

Green Initiatives at Clancy

Clancy Relocation & Logistics has many innovative environmental programs in place and the solar energy program is the newest.

  • US EPA SmartWay Transport Partner
  • Motion-sensing energy efficient lighting
  • Waste oil recycling
  • R2 certified e-waste Recycling


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