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Clancy Relocation & Logistics COVID-19 Response

Read our COVID-19 Update and how we can help you. At Clancy, our priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees. That’s why we have been actively  … read more

Virtual Survey

Have a Smartphone? Request a “Virtual Survey” for Your Moving Estimate!

Getting an estimate from Clancy just got easier! We now offer “Virtual Surveys” as an option for our customers. If you are moving, an in-home estimate is an essential part of getting the most accurate quote.  … read more

6 Practical Office Moving Cost Factors to Know

6 Practical Office Moving Cost Factors to Know

Planning to move to a new office location in the New Year?  Moving your office can be a complex undertaking especially if you are new to office relocation procedures.  The 6 key factors below that determine the cost of office moving are very similar the household move…read more

Top 10 Household Moving Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Household Moving Do’s and Don’ts

DO Label All Boxes — Do label each box you are moving with a brief description of contents and destination. Keep sandwich bags handy for little pieces of hardware and label the bags clearly. Be just as sure to label and separate items you are not moving with (by destination) such as Selling, Donating, or Trash…read more

Clancy Relocation & Logistics

Clancy Moving was started in 1921. Our company went through its early years serving household customers in Westchester, the Bronx and surrounding areas. The company was due to change hands when a younger generation would arrive from Ireland…read more

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