How to Communicate an Office Move With Employees

By Clancy Relocation & Logistics

Communicating an Office Move

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, moving offices is a big deal. It requires time, planning, money, and forethought. Although it may be up to a few people to make the decision to move, the process involves every person employed by the company.

The larger your company is, the more difficult it will be to effectively communicate with all employees. You may have different branches, separate shifts, and other obstacles. To make this transition easier, here are some universal tips that will help you communicate effectively and get your entire team on board.

Be Open and Honest

The first step to successful communication is to ensure you’re coming from a place of honesty. You want to be forthright with your employees about why the move is happening, what will be taking place, and how it will impact them. Having a full understanding of the situation will help them get on board and prevent issues during the actual process.

Encourage Top-Down Communication

In a larger company, you probably have several (or many) departments, each with a leader and maybe several layers of leadership. As you begin to discuss the move process, make sure your leadership team is equipped with the knowledge they need to pass down to their direct reports.

Your IT department will have different responsibilities than Sales, and they each need to know what will be expected of them during the move.

Start Early

Begin speaking with your team early on in the process so they have time to prepare and process. They may need to rearrange their travel routes or even daycare arrangements. Plus, this will give the entire company time to process this major change and avoid leaving things behind.

It’s also smart to have a plan before announcing the move. Where is the new location? Why are you moving? Who is in charge of the process? These are all questions that you should have answers to before you make an announcement to the team.

Helping You With All Aspects of Office Moves

When you need to execute an office move, large or small, trust the Clancy Relocation & Logistics team to get the job done seamlessly. Contact our team today at (845) 302-3772 for a free estimate.


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