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Office Technology Relocation

Safe & Efficient Relocation Services

If you’re planning a commercial move and have expensive, delicate, or sensitive computers and other electronic equipment, you don’t want to hire any average commercial moving company. This equipment needs to be handled in a careful, cautious, and responsible manner. Clancy Relocation & Logistic’s Electronic Services division can assist you. We offer office technology relocation services and are involved in numerous projects every single day, giving them the range of expertise and ability to remain current with best practices.

PC Disconnect/Reconnect Services

Large scale office moves involve moving dozens or even hundreds of people in a single day. Your IT staff already have many tasks to handle. The Clancy Data Technicians can easily and accurately handle moving several PC workstations in one day. They will inventory every main component and peripheral, move it, and reassemble it to ensure personnel is ready to work the following day.

Our office technology relocation services include:

We have the experience necessary to handle large scale PC workstation shifts, electronics move preparation, and data center support services. If any technology or computer relocation services are not listed here, contact us to explore how we can serve you.

Computer Relocation Services for Companies Large or Small

No matter the size of your company, it’s very important that the company tasked with moving workstations, PC peripherals, IP phones, and printer stations exercise extreme caution – and all while moving quickly and efficiently to get your business up and running again. Clancy’s experienced technicians can quickly and neatly disconnect and reconnect the devices at your new office space.

We also offer specialized crating and palletizing for servers, racks, mainframes, MRI, medical equipment, etc. We regularly crate and move servers weighing tons as well as prepare items for overseas shipments.

Our data center support services include:

  • Fully supporting the dynamic layout of all equipment on a raised floor
  • Equipment moving/staging
  • Receiving/shipping
  • Crating/uncrating
  • Installation/removal
  • Rack set-up and assembly
  • Network cabling

In-depth experience is the most significant attribute of our Electronics Services Division. Clancy’s experience and abilities allow us to help you coordinate complex electronics moves while ensuring the best practices are utilized.

Desktop Disconnect Reconnect

The core of a modern office move is the relocation of all the workstations from one location to another. Office environments are less about paper and files and reliant more on technology than ever. Just think about how hard it is to work with no internet service. That’s why it is all the more important to have a good solution for moving multiple computers, monitors, and peripheral devices in a short amount of time.

Office Move Scenario: Reduce User Downtime

You are moving an office of 100 employees from one side of town to the other over the weekend. You have installed new workstations at the destination and have also invested in a new IP phone system. You have carefully planned to ensure all users’ data are backed up and you have coordinated with all department heads for all personnel to leave the office by 3 pm on Friday.

The challenge is you need to disconnect, relocate, and put back together every workstation ensuring the connections are all working, the network is active, and all employees can hit the ground running on Monday morning when they return. But you also have to move switches, firewalls, and servers at the same time. Can your team do it in time? Our technology moving company can help you achieve your relocation quickly.

Challenge Accepted!

Here is where Clancy’s IT technicians come in. A team will label your desktop IT, inventory devices for each user, disconnect, reconnect, and neatly dress cables at the new workstation. In addition, the IT technicians can turn on and test network access for each user using a customer provided login.

To learn more about our desktop disconnect and reconnect services, and our other technology moving services, give us a call today at (845) 302-3772.