When Is the Best Time to Move an Office? | Benefits of a Weekend Move

Why You Should Move Your Business on The Weekend

When planning an office move, choosing your actual moving day is very important. While it may seem more convenient to complete the move during office hours, this can throw a wrench in productivity and increase your employee’s downtime.

Moving an office on the weekend is a great way to streamline the process and complete your project with minimal disruptions.

Limit Employee Downtime

By completing an office move over the weekend, you are able to avoid cutting into working hours. Employees will be able to work on Friday and seamlessly return to work on Monday in your new office.

Thanks to our efficient and experienced crew, your furniture, fixtures, and technology will be correctly installed and set up in time for work to resume as usual.

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The Weekends Are Less Busy

During the week, the roads are filled with commuters headed to and from work. On weekends, you’ll find that roads will be less congested, allowing you and our moving team to enjoy more open roads and fewer delays.

Moving over the weekend will also benefit those businesses with offices in shared commercial spaces. This means less foot traffic in and out of the building, in hallways, stairwells, and elevators.

Planning Your Weekend Office Move

Overall, choosing to move your office over a weekend will allow us to avoid some potential bumps in the process and more seamlessly complete your relocation. If moving over the weekend is something you’re able to accommodate, we strongly recommend it.

Office Moves in New England and Beyond

Is your business preparing for an office move? Then it’s time to get planning with the Clancy Relocation & Logistics team today. We’ll work closely with you as you prepare to relocate your office, assisting with employee communication, disposition and decommissioningtechnology breakdown and setup, and more. Contact us today to get the process started.


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